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1 pound bag of weed


1 Pound Bag of Weed

you probably have no idea of the weed sizes that are most commonly sold in the weed dispensary or by dealers on the street.
Weed Sizes

Weed is most commonly sold in increments of grams, ounces and pounds. Knowing the gram conversions from and to ounces is a must if you don’t want to get ripped, because your digital scales is going to weight it in grams, while most people sell weed in ounces. The ounces are what most people usually sell and buy weed in, because it’s enough to last anything from a couple days to a month depending on the amount someone smokes and the tolerance of the smoker. Pounds are large, large quantities of weed so the average smoker probably wouldn’t have to worry about pounds, unless you buy your weed in large quantities so you don’t have to buy it very often, and the price is usually lower per ounce, because of buying such large quantities of weed.

Gram – A gram is the smallest amount that you can typically buy weed for, it’s enough for a blunt, about $5 of reg bud, but you’re more likely to buy weed in grams if it is higher quality weed (Ranging from $10-$35 a gram).

Dime Bag – A dime is the next largest amount, usually called dime bags, dime sacks, etc. Essentially it’s $10 worth of weed, depending on where you live and what kind you’re getting it could be slightly more or less. Typically a dime bag of regular weed is 2 grams,

Dub – A dub is $20 worth of weed. Like a Dime bag this can also vary depending upon weed quality and who you know. For regular bud around here it’s 4 grams.

1/8 (Eighth) – An eighth is the smallest weed ounce increment that you can buy weed in. It is 3.5 grams. An eighth usually provides a couple days of weed smoking, if you smoke once or twice a day.

1/4 (Quarter) – A quarter is the next size up, as you progress up in weed weights the price usually gets cheaper, so a lot of people buy weed in quarters. A quarter is twice as much as an eighth. A quarter is 7.1 grams. It typically lasts about a week or so smoking once a day. Some people refer to quarters as QOs (quarter ounce).

1/2 (Half) – Half is the next level higher and it is twice as much weed as a quarter and four times as much weed than an eighth. I like to buy in halves because they last long enough to not have to worry about running out of weed for awhile. Half ounce is 14.2 grams. Also sometimes referred to as an HO (half ounce).

1 (Ounce) – One ounce is where you start getting in larger quantities of weed that also cost more, but you usually get the best deals on halves and ounces when compared to eighths and quarters due to the fact that you’re buying in larger quantities. An ounce is where most people stop progressing up unless they’re planning to not have to buy for 6 months. Ounce can last a month for some smokers who smoke a lot, but if you smoke multiple times a day it will vary from 1 week to 4 weeks. An ounce is 28.3 grams. They are often referred to as O’s, and oz’s.

1/4 ( Quarter Pound) – A quarter pound is a lot of weed. It’s the equivalent of four ounces, and will last any smoker awhile. They are referred to as QPs majority of the time, because people who you’re talking to about it know what that means, while others may not have any clue.

1/2 (Half Pound) – Half pound is 8 ounces, and all it takes is simple math to figure out how many grams that is since I’ve told you the gram size per ounce. Referred to as HPs on the street.

1 (Pound) – One pound. A pound is a big ass zip lock bag of weed, like the freezer bags. If you have almost a pound you can tell from sight, but it’s hard to eye ball weed weights. A pound is 16 ounces.
Eyeballing Weed Weight

Some people have relative success in eye balling the bag weight when it comes to smaller and larger sizes, but as the increments get larger or smaller it becomes significantly harder to tell exactly how much weed is in there. That’s why you need to invest in a good digital scales, because your weed seller could be ripping you off every time you go to him, a gram or two from a dub is a lot and you may not know, he could be doing it all along, so over time it adds up and that’s just extra money going out the door.

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